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Advanced Cardiac Specialists (ACS)

Announce the closing of the practice October 31, 2013

Advanced Cardiac Specialists began as a two physician practice in Gilbert, Arizona in 1991.  It has expanded over the years to a large multi-specialty practice encompassing both medical and surgical specialties, focusing on the most complex of medical problems to your day-to-day health.  Preventing disease is as important as treating and managing disease. 

Advanced Cardiac Specialists became the medical HOME for many of you. We became a closely knit family of physicians and patients and staff  working together to provide each and every one of you the highest level of comprehensive medical care. We are proud that you as patients trusted ACS to help you manage your care and we thank you for that trust. 

After over 20 years of providing these services it has come to the point where ACS must close it's doors. We miss DR Siegel, Dr Barker's husband, who passed away in a tragic plane crash in May 2012, and Dr Nuttall who lost his battle with cancer in July of 2013.

Stay healthy and well, excercise, think about your the food you eat and
find enjoyment daily  in family and friends.
 All of us have learned the value of life,
 living it to its fullest every day.


 The entire staff of ACS would like to thank you as patients
as we invite you
 to our offices one last time.

Friday, November 1st

Potluck and more

Primary Location
4838 E Baseline Rd, Suite 109 & 110
Mesa, AZ 85206
Phone: 480-892-2800

Fax: 480-892-3258


 It is the resposibility of your physicians and ACS to maintain and provide access to your medical records for 7 years .  That would mean that records before 2006 are able to be shredded in 2013. 

There have been a couple of practices that have been looking at the oportunity to move and or start their practices at this location, and may caretake the medical records.  The final details are not known at this time.

Any updates will be posted on the website.

ACS staff will be available for several weeks in November to be sure that all lab, x-ray and test results are communicated to the patients and to provide help with perscriptions as needed.

For all patients, continuity of care is of upmost importance.

It is very important that you make arrangements, as soon as possible, to select a
new physician to make sure you recieve uninterrupted medical care.  Please contact
 your insurance company for a full list of physicians in your area. 
Once you have selected a new physician, you will need to complete an
 authorization to release your medical records to that physician.  Unfortunately,
your records WILL NOT be released without a written release. 
This is to protect your privacy as a patient.

If you request your records before October 31st, there will be no charge, all authorizations recieved after October 31st,2013 will be subject to a $25.00 charge to cover the cost of duplication.

Ant records requested by a physican office will be directly sent to that office at no charge to you the patient.

As the final plan for archiving and releasing records becomes clear,  there may be changes in the above charges.